The Feasibility Study

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The European Space Agency provides free access to great amounts of data from its space missions.

Processing it for applications in forestry, land cover, land use, precision agriculture and other fields requires huge capabilities.

GREENTOP wants to create a community of enthusiasts willing to share their computing power to rapidly process small portions of imagery.

You will be able to participate actively in validating data manually, providing a human verification of the computer processed information.

Your involvement, both for automated processing and manual validation will be rewarded through virtual badges, eCards, premium access to data, gifts of independent processing units – IoT devices.

Supporting us, small computing modules that process images using energy from renewable sources will organize an innovative mesh network of independent processing units providing green processing power (IoT).

Big Data of Earth Observation is split into parts individually processed, constantly updating the Earth view from space.

GREENTOP Gamification of cRowdcomputing to ENhance EarTh Observation data Processing encourages you to support ESA’s initiative of distributing free spatial data.

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