O1. (Semi)Automatic identification of green spaces, buildings, agricultural crops, forests etc. based on satellite data, as well as their usage.

Specific objective 1 targets the collection of satellite information and its use in industrial research activities in order to develop own algorithms for processing satellite data, which will be used in the field of precision agriculture and biodiversity - protected areas and urban planning. This objective will be achieved through the implementation of Activity 2 – Industrial Research, in which research activities in the field of Biodiversity will be combined with research activities in the field of agriculture and in the field of algorithms. We expect to achieve the following results: satellite images acquired and processed for the purpose of obtaining an agricultural research report, a biodiversity research report. Based on these results, we will obtain computer algorithms that process, analyze satellite information and software modules for protecting biodiversity and usable in precision agriculture.

O2. The development of a collaborative platform for automatic processing of satellite data, which will also serve as the basis for training and validating scientific hypotheses in the university environment.

OS2 will be achieved through the implementation of A3.1, in which research results will be used to develop a rapid prototyping platform for rapid visualization and processing of satellite data. The rapid prototyping platform will be used both by university researchers for agricultural and biodiversity research activities and by the company, in the process of developing new algorithms and validating scientific hypotheses. Achieving this specific objective will also contribute to the implementation of A4 – SME Innovation and A5 – Production activities, through which consulting services will be purchased for the application of new methods of delivery of satellite data processing and provisioning services, respectively the equipment will be purchased required for production. The company will aim to establish links with other initiatives at national and European level, so that the results of the project can be exploited and disseminated at European level.

Projects financed by European Union programs will be considered, especially under Horizon 2020.

O3. Dissemination of research results through the publication of scientific articles and participation in specialized conferences.

Specific objective 3 will be achieved by implementing the activity of disseminating the results of the experimental development (A3.2), which aims to capitalize on the project's result. This will be achieved by disseminating the results in 2 conferences and by publishing 2 articles in specialized publications.

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