Indeco Soft is a leading software development company in Romania, providing eGovernment solutions for over 1000 public institutions (cities, county councils, schools, universities and private businesses).
For over 16 years, the company has been producing innovation with its software solutions, mainly in the service of public administration. With the help of technology, Indeco Soft aims to reduce the gap between the public administration in Romania and the citizens. We are driven and motivated by challenges such as the need for better public services and software solutions, constantly working on improving, as well as keeping an effective cost control, as budgets are limited and maximum budget efficiency is a must. In this regard, providing the best value for money is one of our top priorities.

The company’s software solutions include software specifically designed for the public administration, in an integrated solution organized in 5 packages:

  1. Social Care Management and eHealth, managing social care (social benefits, proceedings and workflows);
  2. Electronic Payment of local taxes, parking tickets and fines, utilities, donations;
  3. Citizen Interaction – Documents management, online petitioning, urban planning, online interaction and issue reporting;
  4. Agricultural Register including land use;
  5. Financial Management – budgeting, HR management, accounting, bills, investment and acquisition management; Administrative Income – local taxation regimes, public leases, business authorizations, building permits, transport management. The quality of our services is attested by our numerous yearly contract renewals while the development process is managed in compliance with ISO 9001 and 27001 quality standards.

The first Research activities were carried out in an ICT-PSP funded project – (CIP-ICT-PSP-2011-5).
The ICT-PSP I-scope project, successfully completed in 2015, aimed at providing an interoperable Smart City service through an Open Platform for urban Experts. i-SCOPE delivers an open platform on top of which it develops three “smart city” services:
1) Improved inclusion and personal mobility of aging and diversely able citizens through an accurate city-level differently-abled-friendly personal routing service which accounts for detailed urban layout, features and barriers.
2) Optimization of energy consumption through a service for accurate assessment of solar energy potential and energy loss at building level.
3) Environmental monitoring through a real-time environmental noise mapping service leveraging citizen’s involvement who will act as distributed sensors city-wide measuring noise levels through their mobile phones.

The most relevant entry in the Space domain is the company’s contract working for the European Space Agency – A cloud-based collaborative environment for rapid prototyping of innovative Earth Observation products and services to enhance climate resilience of our society and economy.
EO ClimLab is a collaborative research e-environment enabling the rapid development and prototyping of new Earth Observation (EO)-based products aiming to support adaptation and mitigation to climate change across multi-disciplinary societal and business themes (e.g. agriculture, health, risk management, infrastructure maintenance, education, outreach).
The EO ClimLab can be seen as kind of “Fablab” environment providing developers with the data, tools and knowledge needed to develop new products and services to enhance climate resilience.
In particular, the EO ClimLab includes the following physical and virtual elements:

  • A physical co-working environment,
  • A virtual infrastructure environment on the cloud including:
    • Data from EO satellites, with focus on ESA missions,
    • Open Data from local providers and IoT sensors,
    • Processing and storage capabilities,
    • Tools for visualisation, programming and processing,
    • Development Tool Kits (e.g. IoS, Android.)
  • An educational layer including on-line and physical training (e.g. EO ClimLab academy) and technical support,
  • A community animation layer including dedicated EOvation events (type of hackathons, data challenges) bringing together the developers (supply) and users (demand) of EO products for specific themes,
  • A financial support for early stage ideas and teams.

The EO ClimLab can be operated by different organisations (e.g. incubators, technological park, local authorities, universities), which will have access to the EO ClimLab package described above, including physical and virtual infrastructure and support.

Indeco Soft’s expertise in working with the public administration and its continuous contribution in innovation in the public sector have lead towards attempting to grow beyond the national borders and innovate on an European level. Our team’s skills and know-how will successfully complete the challenges of generating and completing an innovation project that would benefit public authorities, citizens and business across Europe.

Our eGovernment solution integration software (GIS) – SIGMA® was declared the best software product in Romania by the Romanian Association of Public IT Managers in 2005 and 2008 and our tax payment integration solution – is a state of the art tax payment solution in Romania. The tax payment solution was selected by a committee appointed by the Electronic Payments Association of Romania (an association of banks, payment processors and facilitators, credit card operators, Visa Europe and Mastercard) after a best value for money analysis to be promoted as a standard in Romania, finally being backed-up by legislation, due to an excellent implementation, proof of security and openness towards all taxation software providers in Romania, through open specification web services.
Quality assurance and information security are some of our most important concerns, therefore we have implemented and maintain state of the art standards for quality management and information secu
rity management (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001).

Indeco Soft is a member of – Aries Transilvania, an Enterprise Europe Network representative and Regional Contact Point for the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument. It is also a member of an ICT Silver Cluster Management Excellence labelled cluster – iTech Transilvania. Both the association and cluster will back GREENTOP.

The company’s social responsibility efforts are focused on energy efficiency, through an app designed for consumption management for the public administration, and on eHealth, through an elder monitoring solution called EMOTIoN designed for monitoring elders with heart-disease or cognitive impairment using independent smart-watches capable of GSM communication, positioning, as well as heart-rate monitoring. The project’s relevance comes from the employment of mobile technologies and the need to address (from both the technical and regulations point of view) the collection and protection of sensitive personal data – location, health status and identification.  In partnership with the Technical University of Cluj Napoca – University Centre Baia Mare, Indeco Soft organizes a yearly contest granting scholarships to highly talented students.

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