GREENTOP targets 4 main communities:

  • Enthusiasts that will take part in the crowd-computing data analysis, allowing the platform to utilize their computers to process satellite imagery and compile portions of the thematic maps of Europe. You probably want to make a difference in building communities and making the world a better, safer and cleaner place.  The GREENTOP community gives you the sense of belonging and enables you, through a well-developed resource sharing mechanism, to participate in the development of near-real-time processed satellite data.  You will have the opportunity to receive or buy renewable energy processing IoT units for a more important role in the  You will, obviously, have full access to viewing the GREENTOP data.  Intrested?  Please fill in this questionnaire!
  • Public authorities are in need of reliable, processed satellite imagery and climate change data.  Market leading companies providing GIS technologies provide high-quality processing tools and satellite (or in flight) acquired data at very high costs.  The costs for data processing are reduced for each of the authorities.  Furthermore, you, as public bodies, can participate with the unused processing time on your servers (e.g. night time) to take part in the crowd processing community, while processing only data of relevance for your entity (e.g. within city limits).  Sounds good?  Please fill in this questionnaire.
  • NGO’s working on environment and biodiversity protection, are in need of processed data for better implementing and monitoring natural protected sites and protected areas management plans.  You probablyneed near-real time differential imagery in order to assess change in vegetation, pollution water or other relevant factors.  You can also support the GREENTOP community through providing ground observation and sensor data, and contribute as manual validators to the automatically processed data.  You can also be involved as field testers or help us gain visibility!  Dear NGO partners, please fill in this questionnaire.  Thank you!
  • Startup communities of highly innovative and creative entrepreneurs are facing limited resources. You need to become competitive and have the opportunities and goals to disrupt markets.  GREENTOP creates an interaction layer between raw (big) data and startups, giving the opportunities of developing third layer applications using preprocessed data.  Let’s get together and find new opportunities on a win-win principle.
  • Business and Clusters.  We can work together to identify best practices and usage of data in cross-sector initiatives.  We are looking forward on hearing from you and creating liaisons!

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